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EduMarshals | About US

EduMarshal /edu.marshal / noun
education marshal – an enforcement officer for education, empowered by the government

Registration: RC: 1408251 | CR Registration No: LW3729 | TR Registration No: NG/TM/0/2018/130362

Our Vision/Mission

To improve the educational system as Truancy will be reduced, and in time eradicated, while breeding Healthy Educational System. To introduce Continued Professional Development for the teachers/administrative staff and heads of schools

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Our Objectives

To get majority of the students to attend schools, which will in turn translate to drastically improved results and also breed healthy compitition as league tables will be easily established

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Specific Services

  • Reduce the level of truancy, Hawking and Bunking
  • Tracking Absenteeism by School Children
  • Eradicate Teacher/Parent and Guardian nonchalance
  • Creating Jobs while also increasing the value and appreciation for education
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    EduMarshals: acts as a catalyst for the full implementation of the following policies that backs the program;

  • National Education Policy (NEP)
  • Child Right Act (CRA)
  • Universal Basic Education (UBE)

    • EduMarshals came about when Gordon Brown the former Prime Minister of UK reiterated that Nigeria holds the world record number of Out of School Children. And exactly at the same time 2013, it was recorded by UNICEF that there were 10.5 million children out of school and presently by calculation from National Population Commission via Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (2016/2017), it is 14.84 Million

    • Nonchalant and un-informed attitudes of Parents, guardians and teachers

    • Based on this; research was conducted by EduMarshals team which exposed other laxities in the education sector & the EduMarshals program was fully developed with arms of solution tackling key weaknesses identified. EduMarshals is an effective way to resolve School truanting and bunking. This is a program that will have everyone involved in the positive lasting change the nation wants. It is a means to activate the Child Rights Act and also the UBE Law.

    • It is world known fact that Education is critical to the long-term future of any country. It therefore is a key component of the Human Capital Development, which all governors have as part of their states’ agenda.


    States Covered

    • Osun State
    • 2017 till date The Program has been ongoing in Osun State since 2017.
    • Delta State
    • 2013 - 2015 The Program was launched in Delta State in 2013 and run till 2015
    • Kaduna State
    • 2018 - till date The EduMarshals program is now operational is Kaduna State


    The program was brought to life by the then Governor of Delta State, Dr E.E Uduaghan who took a gamble, had it piloted for six months from September 2013 before it was expanded to every part of the State till December 2015 when the new administration could not pay the team anymore.

    It was launched in the State of Osun by Governor Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola in April 2017 and it is still ongoing. It has been approved by the Kaduna State Governor Mallam El-Rufuai and work started June 2018. While the Governor of Plateau State, has taken the team on to train teachers. Progression talks are ongoing with Governors of other states. The idea is to have EduMarshals as a National program in other words to become Federal EduMarshals -FEM



    • Literacy and Numeracy improved/Out of School Children reduced

    • Job creation

    • Poverty Alleviation

    • Economic growth (It’s called the money-multiplier. When you have ONE HUNDRED NAIRA, you buy BREAD. Now the BREAD man buys a newspaper for the same NAIRA. The newspaperman buys WATER. The water man buys meat. ONE HUNDRED NAIRA is used on average ten times, equals about N100 in economic growth)



    Eradicating Street Culture